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Past Artists 

Ian Tamblyn
Scott McCormack with David Celia and Plants and Animals
Three Metre Day(Toronto)
Hugh Marsh, Michelle Willis, Don Rooke
Devon Sproule (Texas)
Scott Merritt (Brantford)
Aidan Purnell (Hamilton)
Morgan Sadler (Local)
Emiliana Torrini (Iceland)
Neil Taylor and Hayley Sinclair (Local)
Steve Poltz (California)
David Celia 
Sweet Potato String Band (Chelsea)
Russell DeCarle (Newmarket) 
Remy Rodden (Yukon)
Marla and David Celia (Toronto/Germany)
James Gordon  (Guelph)
Kate Weekes (Wakefield)
The Doozies (Oshawa)
Ryan Lindsay (Alberta)
Deb Talan (Of the Weepies) (Iowa)
The Arrogant Worms (Oakville, Kingston, Manitoulin)
The comedy of Ceilidh Joan (Ottawa)


If you are interested in joining our house concert line up, or if you are interested in attending, please contact us!

​We look forward to sharing the music!!


A Love of music and a love of place.

​White Clouds Music House Concerts began in the fall of 2009 as a way to welcome friends and family to our new home. With a love of both new music and a beautiful place to listen to it. The idea caught on and we began our journey of hosting house concerts. Twice yearly in the Spring and Fall, we host musical artists from all genres of music and from all over the world. Check out our list below and gallery for pics of our past concerts. We have a seating capacity of 60. We sit atop one of the highest points in Southern Ontario overlooking Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline.  We are expanding to now host a larger concert once a year around the corner at our local Trailhub  venue that seats 150 - 200. 

We look forward to continuing to help young artists as well as established artists by providing a place to share their music in a unique setting.

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