Ryan Lindsay

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Vintage Boring

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CCMA Nominee, and 3x Country Music Alberta Award Winner

with Vintage Boring

MAY 28, 2022
Doors open at 6:00pm
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Ryan Lindsay

Songwriter and storyteller Ryan Lindsay is a CCMA nominee, and 3x Country Music Alberta award winner. A genuine outdoorsman, he is deeply influenced by his background as a backcountry guide and growing up in the Prairies. Lindsay’s sound contains a clear nod towards classic country and roots music.

Ryan Lindsay’s voice has a presence that is reminiscent of ’90s country, and his catalogue of songs include a diverse mix of instrumentation - from acoustic-driven bluegrassy ballads to up-tempo songs with gritty Telecaster and steel guitar. As a showman Ryan Lindsay is loud and proud about his love for country and roots music. He carries a captivating energy on stage that creates an engaging live experience.


Vintage Boring

Vintage Boring is a Canadian indie rock band formed in 2019. Currently based out of Toronto, the group features  two Uxbridge locals Jamie O’Halloran (guitar/vocals) and Callen Hageman (bass/keyboard) as well as Samantha Abbygail (guitar/vocals) and Reed McPherson (percussion). Vintage Boring’s music features powerful vocals and lyricism, a driving rhythm section, and melodic rock guitar. With their work, the band seeks to explore dailiness and escapism. One of the band’s greatest strengths is their interest in all types of music, which allows them to pull influence from a variety of genres.Vintage Boring has recently sold out multiple headline shows across Toronto venues including Lee’s Palace and back-to-back nights at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern.

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